* Non-profit and academic users may be eligible to use Veribook for free. Contact us for more details.
Real-time Availability
Set your working hours and - based on your existing appointments and events - we'll publish when you're still available.
Automatic Reminders and Tools
To save you time and money, we help you automate your business. Veribook can automate sending confirmations, reminders, and more.
Easy and Simple Integration
We help integrate online bookings into your existing online presence. Have your clients book with you directly through your existing website, blog, or social media presence.
Work with us to customize e-mails, booking forms, and landing pages to suit your needs.
Group Services
Easily schedule both appointments with individuals as well as group services such as classes and seminars.
Synchronization with Calendars
Synchronize your Veribook calendar with Google Calendar, and others such as iCal and Microsoft Outlook. Never miss an appointment again.
Robust and Accurate Scheduling
Setup Veribook to match your existing business practices. Whether you require prep time between appointments or ask for 24 hours notice in advance of any cancellation, Veribook can help.
Unlimited Staff and Services
Have as many staff and services as you'd like. For a single monthly fee, your entire business can enjoy the benefits of Veribook.
Nearly Unlimited Bookings
Use Veribook as a professional or small business and don't worry about quotas. Want to use Veribook for more? Just email us - we'd love to help.
Online Payments
Let your clients pay online in advance. Easily accept credit card payments prior to bookings.
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