Manually Enter Appointments

Although the purpose of Veribook is to have clients schedule appointments online, sometimes it's necessary to manually enter appointments into a resource's schedule. This guide will discuss how to do so for services that are offered to individuals (e.g. massage therapy).

For services that are offered to groups (e.g. classes or seminars), simply access the "Overview" tab through the "Registrations" button to manage each date and time.

Table of Contents

  1. Using Manually Entered Appointments
  2. Manually Entering Appointments
  3. Examples

Using Manually Entered Appointments

You can manually enter appointments that you receive from outside of Veribook. For example, some clients may prefer to schedule appointments by phone or email, or wish to schedule an appointment at the end of a previous appointment. Manual bookings also allow you to set up a standing appointment on a recurring basis (e.g. a weekly tutoring session).

It's recommended that such bookings are entered into Veribook since this will ensure a resource's schedule remains comprehensive and complete. The risk of a double booking is eliminated, and the list of upcoming appointments is made complete.

That is, once an appointment is manually entered,

the booked timeslot will appear as unavailable to other clients,

and the booking will appear in your list of bookings.

Note that for recurring manual bookings, the list of bookings will be automatically updated to show the next booking, as for the second item in the list above.

Manually Entering Appointments

  1. Login to your Veribook account.
  2. Click on the "Calendar" button

  3. Check that the "Bookings" tab is selected

  4. Select the resource for which a booking is being scheduled

  5. Click on the "New Booking" button

  6. Fill in the Create Booking form. Information and notes about the client may be added to the various fields. By selecting the requested service from the drop down menu, the current availability of the resource (e.g. employee) will be visible in the timeline.

  7. Click the "Create" button


Massage Clinic: Relax Massage Clinic has registered massage therapists who each specialize in different types of massage. At the end of an appointment, a client may ask to schedule their next appointment with the receptionist.

The receptionist could follow the instructions above to identify available timeslots, and book the client:

Flight School: FlyNorth Flight School has planes and part-time instructors. Licensed pilots can rent planes by the hour, and student pilots can book both a plane and an instructor for lessons, the standard package being 10 two-hour lessons.

A student may seek to schedule their weekly lesson as being every Saturday for the next ten weeks. The instructor could schedule this recurring lesson accordingly.