Add Resources and Staff

Resources represent staff members or physical assets that perform services. By default, your Veribook account is setup with a single resource. If you have multiple staff members, you may need to create a resource for each staff member. This guide will discuss when and how to use Veribook with multiple resources.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Use Resources
  2. Adding Resources
  3. Examples

How to Use Resources

For businesses using Veribook to schedule appointments, resources correspond to particular staff members. A business should add as many resources as it has employees and schedule when each resource is available to offer particular services.

Figure 1: A business with three employees: Andy, Ben and Christina.

Resources can also represent physical assets of a company that perform services.

Figure 2: A business with three physical assets which are offered as services (i.e. available for rental)

In general, organizations should consider creating multiple resources when services can be provided to multiple customers concurrently.

Once resources have been created, the next step is to tell Veribook when each resource is available to offer particular services. Read more about adding services here, and setting up working hours here.

Adding Resources

As soon as you signup to Veribook, a "default" resource is created for you. If more resources are desired:

  1. Login to your Veribook account.
  2. Click on the "Setup Services" button

  3. Click on the "Resources" tab

  4. Click on the "Create Resource" button

  5. Fill in the Create Resource form. Note that information entered into the "description" field will be available to customers when requesting a booking. For example, this field can be used to add a biography of a staff member.

  6. Click the "Create" button
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 to create additional resources.

Once your resources are created, don't forget to set when they're available to offer particular services, as discussed here.


Massage Clinic: Relax Massage Clinic has 3 registered massage therapists who work according to different schedules.

To use Veribook, this clinic could create 3 resources, each with the name of a different therapist and its own schedule of available booking times.

Flight School: FlyNorth Flight School has 2 planes and 4 part-time instructors. Licensed pilots can rent planes by the hour, and student pilots can book both a plane and an instructor for lessons.

To use Veribook, this school could have 2 resources corresponding to each of the 2 planes, and a further 4 resources corresponding to each of the 4 instructors.

Flu Clinics: Healthy Staff Management helps companies offer their employees flu vaccinations. On a particular day, four nurses may visit a company's offices and split into two groups, a first pair of nurses working in a first room, and the second pair of nurses in a second room.

To use Veribook, this business could create 4 resources with the identifier of the nurse and his or her location in the title: "Room 232, Nurse 1", "Room 232, Nurse 2", "Room 854, Nurse 3" and "Room 854, Nurse 4".